Retailer Support Page

We are phasing out our FTP site and moving toward an easier avenue for retailers to access the materials their business needs to succeed.  OneDrive is a straightforward, easy to use platform to access photographs, inventory, or training. 

Check out our Catalog Flipbooks


We have conveniently segmented the information into 3 categories: Inventory Management, Marketing Materials, and Retailer Support.  Just click the bold section title for the area you'd like to access.  


  Inventory Management

In this folder you will find information about our Internet Minimum Advertised Price policy, product descriptions, updated inventory, and our promotional calendar. 


Marketing Materials

This folder contains information you may need for promotions and advertisements.  All of the product photos, logo information and catalogs can be found here. 


 Retailer Support

       This folder contains training material for sales associates. 


Please contact your account rep if you have any questions.  We appreciate your business.